It's time.

To reduce your company's electricity costs and risk.

To protect the environment.

To think differently.

It's time to think more logically, commercially and sustainably about industrial power generation. It's time to think about your electricity supply, not as a painful and expensive logistical challenge, but as an exciting opportunity to work smarter and more cost effectively. It's time to unplug from the increasingly expensive grid and those costly generators. And it's our job to show you how.

Who We Are

We're Eon Environmental, part of Eon Group, and we're working with world-class partners to give Australian industry access to industrial-scale renewable energy solutions that are:

Good for business

Good for your bottom line

Good for the environment

Thinking differently is in our DNA

As Australia’s only Aboriginal-owned industrial renewable energy company, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver the next generation of energy solutions for Australian industry.

It’s in our nature

Indigenous Australians have been protecting Country, working with nature and harnessing its potential for thousands of years.

It’s in our flag

The red that represents our connection with the earth. The yellow circle symbolising the sun, the giver of life and protector. And the black, that represents our people.

Our philosophy

Embrace new technologies and partnerships that support Australian industry.

It’s in our company’s DNA.

What we do

We harness world-class renewable energy technologies to offer Australian industry a diverse range of off-grid renewable energy solutions that we can scale up or down to meet your strategic and operational needs.

Our expertise encompasses everything, from research, development and engineering, through to labour hire and commodity trading, but our capabilities fall into two broad categories:

Energy storage (battery technologies)

  • Research and development
  • Design and manufacture
  • Installation

Renewable energy solutions

  • Solar power plants
  • Wind power solutions
  • Alternative sustainable energy options

We can provide off-grid solutions for any situation, from powering remote communities, mine camps and mobile lighting, through to large-scale industrial, agricultural and infrastructure projects.

Good for business
and the environment

With no fuel and no emissions, our sustainable 'zero harm' solutions protect the environment, which is a good for everyone. But they are also good for business. When you embrace renewable energy, you're embracing a safer, more reliable and efficient way of powering your operations.

  • Guaranteed power generation
  • 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Fully insured (we take full ownership risk)

Our purpose

Create value for Australian business and positive, sustainable social and environmental change for everyone.

Good for your bottom line and cash flow

Our concept-to-capability expertise and experience means we're able to tailor our team and solutions to suit your specific requirements, right down to flexible pricing, financing and cost-effective power purchasing agreements (PPAs) that:

  • Eliminate upfront investment - $0 capital outlay
  • Minimise ongoing costs – operation and maintenance costs are included
  • Free up cash flow – cash flow positive from day one
  • Smooth your long-term energy costs
  • Protect your business from rising fuel and energy prices
*Conditions apply

Ready to think differently?

Get informed

For more information about what we do and how we're harnessing world-class partnerships and technologies to bring about positive change - for Australian industry, the environment and Indigenous communities - please contact us.

1800 331 768